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Kaplan Gold Violin String, E

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Loop end, Medium tension
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Gold plated steel for a rich sound and corrosion resistance.

All strings are ball end, full size, medium tension unless specified.

Product specifications:

  • Gold plated steel, medium tension only-18.6lbs

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28/09/2014 23:36
MANCHESTER, United Kingdom


The best E string out there.
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Pros: This is the only gold E string that won't whistle - yet retains the fundamental characteristic of a gold E string. (Meaning that the sound is richer than with a non-gold E).

Cons: No cons. The bes sounding E string that I have found.

Other: In my experience - all violins are individuals - it works with Pirastro Violono, Obligato, and Dominant. It does not work with Eva Pirazzis - too rich and powerful by comparison - although I am not a fan of the Eva's. I am also told by a colleague that they are not great with Pirastro Tonica. I suspect that this is for the same reason that they don't agree with the Eva;s.

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21/03/2015 11:52
Newpoprt, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: No pros as it needed to be returned unplayed.

Cons: The gold covering was missing in some areas allowing corrosion. I noticed this as soon as the string was put on and returned it to Stringzone. Excellent customer service.

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24/11/2014 19:35
mullaghboy, United Kingdom


the service is fantastic it couldnt be any better

Pros: very good indeed

Cons: not a thing

Other: ordered 4 pm received the next day a.m

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09/07/2014 22:55
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Useful string to rectify over-bright tone

Pros: Reduced the sharpness and metallic ring of regular E string, giving a softer tone

Cons: My experience was pretty positive

Other: First string I ordered was defective, with breaks in the covering, discernible by touch. The replacement appears to be free of this defect

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