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Pusch Tulip Pattern Violin Tailpiece

4.4 from 5 reviews
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Quality and luxury with the convenience of fine tuners.

Product specifications

  • Solid ebony or rosewood, tulip pattern .
  • Full size violin only.
  • Complete with nylon tailgut
  • Made in Germany.

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24/03/2012 10:22
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Improved the tone and a nice looking piece
7 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: Nice tailpiece. Fine tuners are compact and smooth. Made a noticeable positive difference to the tone of my violin.

Cons: It was a bit fiddly to attached my ball-end strings to the fine tuners, but was do'able

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17/10/2012 08:19
Bath, United Kingdom


Pusch Tulip pattern violin tailpiece
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Easy to fit. Good quality.

Cons: None

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Fat Fairy
11/03/2013 22:07
Desborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

good-looking tailpiece
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: looks good in rosewood while making accurate tuning easier

Cons: getting the ball-end of the strings in was fiddly as i have figers like sausages but managed in the end!

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03/04/2017 17:23
Chichester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Pusch Ebony Violin Tailpiece

Pros: Compared to my previous composite tailpiece this improved the sound of my rather bright violin, making it a bit warmer and more mellow. I like the integral tuners as they make tuning more accurate and don't add too much weight.

Cons: The ball end of my E string was bigger than the hole in the fine tuner, so I had to thread it through from the other side - not really a serious problem.

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27/03/2014 21:00
Stratford on Avon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good looks but poor engineering.
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: I paid the extra for the rosewood tailpiece as the other fittings on my main fiddle are also rosewood. This tailpiece looks very stylish.

Cons: Although it looks good the adjustment mechanisms are a bit cheap and nasty and the design team really needs to rethink them. On one of the adjusters the screw slipped down the side of the lever as there was too much play.

Other: At the price I would expect it to be better made.

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