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Titanium Fine Tuner by Pedi

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Violin E (3/4 & 4/4)
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Viola A
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Ultimate stability, light weight and smooth action. Full Titanium with goldplated adjuster screw

For violin E or viola A ball end strings.

Customer reviews:

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BlankBlank 3
28/04/2014 20:23
Southport, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great lightweight tuner looks the part as well.
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Pros: Excellent lightweight tuner for my rosewood tailpiece provides good tuning along with unnoticeable effect on tone quality of instrument.

Cons: None as of yet.

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24/09/2017 07:44
Desborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Efficient easy to use fine tuner

Pros: Very lightweight, easy to fit and because of the curved design doesn't reduce the after length as much as traditional fine tuners. Nice design and colour.

Cons: Only the price

Other: I have natural white boxwood fittings on my fiddle so can't get a tailpiece with integral tuners ( or not one I can afford!!!) This tuner is a big improvement in looks and performance over the traditional large black tuners and doesn't add the same weight to the tailpiece. Would like ones for the D and G strings but am relearning to tune with the pegs!!

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08/05/2014 16:13
Bewdley, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

New technology worth having

Pros: Very lightweight, nicely manufactured.

Cons: None

Other: Worth it to save a few grams weight.

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