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Tone Shaper Bow Guide

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Bowing guide for violin and viola by the Super-Sensitive Musical String Co.

The Tone Shaper was designed by a string educator, Dennis Leogrande, to help students that are constantly being challenged to produce a straight bow. The Tone Shaper encourages correct bowing and the development of a beautiful tone. Easily fitted and removed and will not damage the instrument.

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Robin Moore
16/12/2015 14:57
Uckfield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Useless, a waste of money. Only worth 0 below.
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Pros: Nothing.

Cons: 1) Vastly overpriced: a few bits of Velcro and a couple of pieces of brittle plastic should have been about £3, not £24! 2) The plastic posts are too narrow and do not allow for the natural turning of the bow as the hand moves in the upbow direction, jamming the bow as it turns; 3) The posts are too short and only direct the bow when playing on the D- and A- strings of a violin; when playing on the G-string, the heel lifts right out of the posts on the right hand side, while when playing on the E-string the point lifts right out of the posts on the left hand side.

Other: I will be returning it for a full refund.

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