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Artino Shoulder Rests

Artino SR9 Shoulder Rest,

4.5 from 6 reviews
36 in stock

Excellent quality and value. Fits all small size violins and full size. Adjustable shoulder rest of good quality which can fit all sizes 1/8 to full size. We recomme... read more...

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Artino SR44 Violin Shoulder Rest

3 from 2 reviews
34 in stock

For full size violin. Strong plastic frame, thick foam padding, adjustable for height and width. Excellent value and quality and ideal for young players. Thick, soft... read more...

RRP £19.95 our price £14.40 You save 27%

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Artino SR-12 Ergo Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest

Quality and value rigid bar shoulder rest for 3/4 violin to violas up to 22cm max width. Excellent all round rest featuring folding feet for easy storage and sliding... read more...

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Artino Deluxe Wooden Violin Shoulder Rest

5 from 2 reviews
1 in stock

Quality 'bar' style rest with solid rosewood frame. The Artino Deluxe features a rose frame for optimum sound. The bar has a padded velvet lining. Height and width ... read more...

RRP £28.00 our price £14.40 You save 48%

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Artino SR40 Viola Shoulder Rest

4 from 1 review
Currently unavailable

Excellent quality and value. Strong frame with thick foam padding. Fully adjustable for width and height to fit most violas from 20.5 to 24.5cm width. A shoulder re... read more...

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Artino Deluxe Wooden Viola Shoulder Rest

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Quality 'bar' style rest with solid hardwood frame and velvet padding. For violas over 14" back. Adjustment on both sides ensures an accurate fit for maximum comfort... read more...

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