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Wittner Ultra Tailpiece, Rosewood Effect

5 from 5 reviews

Tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners with Rosewood finish.Combine a traditional look of rosewood with modern technology for a pleasing aesthetic and practical fun... read more...

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4 Tuner Wooden Cello Tailpiece by J. Teller, Germany

Premium quality German made tailpiece with 4 fine tuners.The string anchor claws on this tailpiece are mounted above which maintains the string in straight line cont... read more...

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Wittner Ultra Cello Tailpiece

4.7 from 3 reviews

'Standard' integrated tuner tailpiece. Made in Germany. All sizesAs Wittner original but made of high density matt finish composite. Ultralight. read more...

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Akusticus Cello Tailpiece

5 from 2 reviews

Plastic tailpiece with fixed wire tailgut & 4 built-in adjusters. 4/4 or 3/4 size. Made in Germany. Lightweight taipiece with steel wire anchorage for high rigi... read more...

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Wittner Original, Light Alloy Cello Tailpiece

5 from 1 review

German made light alloy tailpiece. Premium quality, smoothest action. Easy to fit with supplied adjustable nylon tailgut. read more...

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