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Nickel Mounted Cello Bow by A. Carvalho

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Bows from the Arcos Brasil association are perfect for progressing students and will last a lifetime.

Unless stated otherwise all our bows are supplied with a starter coat of premium quality William Salchow rosin. Good, fresh rosin is essential to obtain the best performance from any bow.

Product specifications

  • Round or octagonal stick from selected naturally seasoned pernambuco.
  • German made fully mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye.
  • Nickel wire or imitation whalebone lapping and leather thumb grip.
  • Brand: A. Carvalho, Brasil.
  • Made in Brazil.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
01/06/2016 17:39
Bradford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The best bow in this price range

Pros: Lovely tones. Powerful sounds good quality bow Comfortable to hold and play with

Cons: none to note

Other: I was ideally looking for a carbon fibre bow as I already have a wooden bow - around the £300-£400 price range. I took out the home trial of 4 bows. 2 carbon fibre bows and 2 wooden bows. At the start of the trial this was my least favourite bow but soon became my most favourite. The sounds it created was far superior than that of the other bows, even the Dorfler, which is a very good bow. Lovely tones and very powerful if needed. It didn't take me long to completely dismiss the Coda and Col Legno bows as there was just no comparison. Obviously technique, strings, the cello all play a part in the sound produced and my reviews can only be based on my 'set up' but I would strongly recommend this bow.

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29/12/2015 17:56
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice but I got a Coda carbon fibre

Pros: It was nicely balanced and quite light - it was good for slower pieces

Cons: It didn't give me as much attack in faster pieces than the carbon fibre bow I also tried

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