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Review of GEWApure Shaped Violin Case - ABS Carbon

12/06/2018 23:06
Haywards Heath, United Kingdom


Strong, stylish, light and practical case.

Pros: Very sleek & light. It has a good grab handle at the end for standing it on its end and plenty of rubber on the bottom and back to protect it when it is either being held vertically or lying horizontal. The rubber seal is good, the handle strong and the clasps holding it together are quick and easy to use. The lid stays in position when you open it so it doesn't drop on your hands or collapse when the instrument is out. Ruckstrap fittings are pretty good. Inside the velvet is good quality and the neck piece is adjustable for small differentiations in size. There is enough space for a Kun shoulder rest and a small pocket big enough for some rosin. I manage to also fit a duster on top and some spare strings and a pencil underneath the neck of the violin .

Cons: It is a very cosy fit for my full-size violin. I had to adjust the neck support to get it in and was initially worried that it might be too small. However, it is a good fit and my violin doesn't move around in the case. But if you have an unusual sized instrument I would be cautious. There is no cover for the violin for it inside. There is no room for any music - but that is self evident.

Other: I would highly recommend this case for somebody that wants an easy to use, no fuss light case, maybe for putting on your back when you cycle somewhere or just walking around. It's perfect as long as you don't need to carry music.

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