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Review of Larsen Cello Strings. SET

10/09/2018 13:30
milton keynes, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

If you can afford these strings the are worth it.

Pros: On my Granddaughts cello (4/4) I have fitted first Prelude strings. These sounded better than the factory strings. One year on I fitted a set of Jarger strings. These strings did sound better, (good A string ) Now another year on I have fitted a set of Larsen madium strings and WOW the cello has come to life. Have to tame the C string but its early days. I should have fitted Larsen strings two years ago, it would have saved me money.

Cons: The price put me off two years ago. ( I now know you get what you pay for.)

Other: My Granddaughter is grade 5+ and age 15

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