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Review of Larsen Magnacore Arioso Cello String, A

10/10/2017 00:23
auckland, New Zealand


two weeks, and so far, I am enjoying it
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Pros: It is extremely ringing. Compared to the standard Magnacore A string, the arioso strings have longer lasting ring to the sound. It is definitely a singing string. I've played in solo concert 2 days after the re-stringing my cello. And although it was a bit of a change in approaching and playing on this string, the sound was noticeably open and ringing.

Cons: I have been using the Arioso A string for just over two weeks now. Unlike the standard Magnacore A string, I found that I needed to work slightly more, compared to the Magnacore string. I needed to use more bow, therfore, it made me rework my long note bow stroke that lasts longer. sometimes when not taking care of the bow strokes, it can squeak here and there.

Other: Overall, my closed up sound on A and D string with Magnacore String was much better after replacing it with the new Arioso strings. I am in love with the new ringing sound I get on my modern cello.

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