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Review of Thomastik Präzision Violin Strings, SET

10/10/2018 14:58
Penzance, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Lovelier to play than most steels

Pros: I first came across Präzisions on a new fine violin I bought and I loved them. They will reflect the quality of the wood of your violin amazingly yet keep a really good clear tone. Maybe not for you if you want to create a lot of expression and like the tonal variations you can get out of gut or nylon core strings. The luthier who sold me the violin said that he only uses these for recording, and also mentioned they are a favourite style of string for Russian violinists! So I bought these light tension ones as en experiment, not for this fine violin but a very old 1860 French violin (nothing special but a favourite instrument) as it has a very sweet tone that was getting lost with some of the posher synthetic core strings. I am not disappointed. They bed in very quickly, almost instantly and have a lot of versatility for vibrato and folk-style ornaments. You might not like the G and D if you want power but it is great for parlour playing in small groups and if you want the beauty of the wood of your instrument to come through. Such good value too! Best steel strings I've tried - I used to use Prims but have converted to these now, much smoother.

Cons: None

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