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Review of Warchal Amber Cello String, G

11/07/2019 19:00
Blairgowrie,, United Kingdom


Not a success for me on my cello.

Pros: Possible to make a good sound with this string with the right bow contact.

Cons: I tried this string after finding that the G in my set of Warchal Brilliants didn't -for me - blend with the other strings either in sound or in the bow stroke needed. I replaced the Brilliant G with this Amber but, although it was perceptibly different I had the same criticisms. I've moved on to try another G.

Other: String reviews are extremely personal. I could have tried this string on a different cello and written a totally different review, so my opinion is in no way definitive. I still like the Warchal A, D, and C very much.

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