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Review of Wittner Finetune Violin Pegs.

10/04/2019 18:11
Glossop, United Kingdom


Excellent, stop wasting time tuning start playing

Pros: Tuning very easy. No slipping pegs. Super fast delivery. Fitting is very easy, perhaps a little DIY experience helps.

Cons: Knowing which size to buy, is a bit difficult. I am upgrading three violins and two violas, I bought the middle size (8.6mm not the 9.2mm it says here) it fitted two of my instruments and gave me a clue as to whether I needed bigger or smaller for the other instruments.

Other: Why would anyone not want to make tuning the violin easy. Sure it's about £70-£100 extra cost on your instrument, but if you are not very good at tuning it could save a few broken strings. If you have acquired an old violin with stuck/slippy pegs, don't waste time with soap or peg paste, just get fine tune pegs. Easy to fit, but could catch you out if the wrong size. For me they slotted in without any reaming of holes. I then just sawed them to length. If you are really scared of fitting these go to a luthier he will probably have a range of sizes and lots of experience, but if you are confident and can measure the diameter of your existing pegs then I would say buy these and fit them yourself.

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