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Valdecir** Silver Mounted Violin Bow by Sousa Bows, Brazil

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Premium quality violin bow by master bowmakers. Exceptional wood and playing character. Professional grade. We are very impressed with the quality and performance of these bows. Use of the finest close grained, seasoned Pernambuco combined with superb workmanship produces a bow players of all standards will appreciate. German made frog and full Sterling Silver mounts further enhance the presentation of these bows.

This bow is available on approval. For details click here

Weight given is for a typical 4/4 example and is for guidance only. Please contact us if you require the exact weight of a particular bow.

Product specifications

  • Round stick of premium quality aged Pernambuco.
  • Fully mounted German frog in fine ebony and Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver and thread lapping with leather thumbgrip
  • Finest natural horsehair
  • Brands: Valdecir **, Sousa
  • Made in Brazil
  • Weight: 61 grams

Customer reviews:

02/11/2017 10:34
killarney, Ireland

Keen Amateur

a tale of a happy customer
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Pros: Here the sound takes flight from the strings and soar with a pure beauty, it brings into being the thoughts of music in your head and if by magic translates them through this magicians wand . Where does the magic lay, is it in the deft craft of each shaving of pernambuco that fell to the floor until the right balance appeared or the curve and nuances of the bow, the grains of this rare and resonant timber straight and seasoned or the whitened tail of a horse each strand carefully locked between silver and ivory tip. Yes this bow, though taken like an act of faith has breathed new life to the sounds my violin makes, it is a form of magic and only those in search of something greater can enjoy. To this end I am grateful to be given this privilege ,to the tree that grew, the horse that raced, the maker that learned and the seller that minded and sold a big thank you.

Cons: fine things cost it hard to rationalise the price of a wooden stick with a bit of hair until you play it then the cost is listen the sound it makes

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