Superflexible Octav Violin Strings, SET

By Thomastik

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Octave strings/ baritone. Set of 4 strings.

Customer reviews:

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23/10/2014 14:17
LEICESTER, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Worth giving these a try if you want to experiment
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Pros: These are very good quality strings. I had read an article about them, and since I have spare violin, I thought it would be worth trying them. I was not disappointed - very interesting sound.

Cons: Nothing really - though the G is so low you have to bow quite carefully to avoid a muddy sound - but that is more the reality of an instrument taken way out of its range than being a fault with the strings!

Other: Very pleased I splashed out for these.

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19/07/2015 19:46
Keighley, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Fun with the bass line on a violin
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Pros: Essentially these strings make you sound almost like a cello without all the inconvenient bother of actually having to learn to play such a thing. They are more robust than other octave stings I have used in the past. They allow me to "busk" a bass line knowing that what I am playing will stand out from the ensemble I play with. They are great to sing along with when harmonising a bass line.

Cons: They are not cheap.

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