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Viva la Musica Original Violin Shoulder Rest.

By Viva La Musica

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The Viva la Musica original is the ideal first shoulder rest.

High quality European made, available in sizes to suit 1/16 - full size violin. Great quality and value, ideal for student violinists, these rests feature a unique swivel mount for the leg brackets which allow for a very wide range of adjustment. Plus folding feet for easy storage.

Product specifications

  • Strong plastic body of rigid PVC.
  • End members feature an 18 step adjustment system for width, height and lateral position.
  • Extra thick foam padding for guaranteed comfort.
  • Replacement feet available.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
20/03/2011 11:01
London, United Kingdom


3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this shoulder rest for my son who hated shoulder rests as they were all too high. This one however, is the perfect height, raising the violin just enough without becoming uncomfortable for him - perfect!

Cons: There were no cons

Other: The advice from stringzone was invaluable

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11/07/2012 10:12
Twickenham, United Kingdom


Shioulder Rest
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Exactly what my daughter needed, very comfortable, right size.

Cons: none!

Other: fantastic customer service. Very friendly and helpful lady on the telephone. Confirmation of my order was literally emailed after about 1 minute of putting the phone down! The rest arrived the next day. Very impressed and will certainly use again!

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25/04/2018 10:29
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Keen Amateur

Allows for many configurations

Pros: The side touching the collabone is lower than other shoulder rests, that makes it more comfortable for me. Very good system of customizations allows not only to adjust the height comfortably, but also to set the angle of the violin with the bow.

Cons: The rubber feet dont hold the violin as solidly as other shoulder rests and it has slipped out many times.

Other: I will probably change the feet with some other SR's

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27/12/2017 07:44
London, United Kingdom


Extremely good service

Pros: Extremely good customer service and fast delivery.

Cons: None

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07/11/2016 20:55
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


Can be set low and has good grip.

Pros: I have one of these already and have bought another as a spare after I thought I had lost the first one - so I got a red one to make it easier to see. I like to play the violin without a shoulder rest but it slips about on some clothing. This rest was recommended as one which can be set very low and it has a very good non-slip surface. It also holds onto the instrument well.

Cons: It has some little parts which are rather easy to lose. I have had to replace one of the adjusters on my first rest with a lock nut after the original fell on the floor and disappeared. It isn't unique in this. Fiddlers are often to be seen searching floors on their hands and knees.

Other: The red looks surprisingly good on the instrument. I thought it might look garish but it doesn't.

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Mrs Jennifer Collins
23/07/2016 20:26
Truro, United Kingdom


Good and does the job

Pros: I purchased the shoulder rest because I had been borrowing one from my tutor. I find it comfortable and easy to fit

Cons: NOthing

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Georgia Vale
08/01/2015 10:29
Bromsgrove, United Kingdom


Good design but not robust
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good design, comfortable, adjustable

Cons: Poorly made - the feet aren't strong, tend to bend sideways over time, the main part can snap

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21/10/2014 14:09
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


Neat, light rest.
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Neat and light.

Cons: Doesn't fit in the shoulder rest holder in my case without being taken apart - which is easy to do but leaves small parts loose. Some kind of storage bag might help.

Other: I can't really say much about the function of the rest as I don't usually use a shoulder rest. I have bought it for when other people borrow my fiddle. Someone did borrow it and didn't complain.

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03/06/2013 14:06
Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom


Poor wrapping
2 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: confortable to use.

Cons: can't find any.

Other: I was very disappointed when it arrived - the container box was completely damaged, squashed and the content was out of the box. Luckily it seemed to have avoided serious damages, but I wasn't happy the way it was shipped.

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07/10/2016 12:17
London, United Kingdom


Stop asking me to write a review!
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Pros: .....

Cons: ....

Other: .....

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