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Cello End Pin Anchors & Floor Protectors

E pin thumb

Rubber Tip for Cello Spike

4.9 from 26 reviews
44 in stock

Rubber tip for endpin spike of cello, will fit spikes (the point not the rod) 6-8mm in diameter which is the vast majority of cello endpin points. read more...

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Multi Position Chair Anchored Cello Endpin Stop.

5 from 10 reviews
8 in stock

Wooden bar, multi position. Anchor to chair legs with plastic enclosed loops in nylon cord. Hardwood base with green baize base. read more...

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Dycem Black Hole Non-Slip Cello Mat.

4.9 from 14 reviews
4 in stock

Well known anti slip device for cello endpins (spike). Made in UK read more...

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Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor

4.9 from 19 reviews

Strong, adjustable webbing. Non slip cup. Made in USA read more...

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Stoppin th2 thumb

Stoppin Floor Protector, Large

4.1 from 9 reviews
3 in stock

The 'Stoppin" floor protector. The thick rubber slab is profiled with numerous nodules giving a secure grip on all floors. Simply place the Stoppin on the floor and play with complete confidence. read more...

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Wolf epin thumb

Wolf Super Endpin Floor Protector

4 from 4 reviews
6 in stock

Large rubber ball protects vulnerable floors whilst giving security to the player. read more...

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Cellino Cello Spike Anchor

4.3 from 15 reviews
6 in stock

Compact device which anchors via the chair legs, simple to use and very portable. read more...

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