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Humidifiers & Hygrometers

Low humidity can cause shrinkage in an instrument and subsequent cracks or movement in neck angles etc. A well controlled environment is particularly important for old, restored or generally fragile instruments. Stringed instruments can be vulnerable to the effects of air conditioning or dry climates. A good humidifying device can greatly contribute to avoiding these risks.

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Genuine Dampit Humidifier

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Long established and best known humidifying aid. Made in USA. read more...

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Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer by Stretto

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Maximum/minimum, temperature/humidity records with optional daily reset.

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Stretto Humidifier

The Stretto system is a very high quality Swiss made humidity control system. read more...

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Stretto Humidifier Refill Bags

For when the Stretto bag can no longer be 'recharged' . In packs of 4. Also available Rubingel reusable de-humidifier read more...

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Planet Waves Small Instrument Humidifier

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Easy to use humidifier for violin, viola and other small instruments read more...

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