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Brazilwood and Ebony Violin Bow by Franz Sandner

4.8 from 31 reviews

An excellent value bow. Perfect for beginners or as a replacement in an outfit. read more...

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Tremolo Violin Bow

4 from 1 review

A good quality beginner bow with a strong, well balanced round or octagonal hardwood stick. Fully mounted ebony frog. read more...

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Carbon Composite Violin Bow by Artino

4.8 from 6 reviews

Great value carbon composite stick, ebony frog and natural horsehair. Suitable for all types of playing and students from beginner to the upper Grades. read more...

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Student Violin Bow by Artino

3 from 1 review

Good quality traditional style bow from well known brand. read more...

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Dorfler, Germany Brazilwood Violin Bow.

3 from 3 reviews

Doerfler No.6. A 'proper' violin bow suitable for young students. Correctly made in a leading German workshop. read more...

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