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Andrea A Piacere Rosin

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Formerly named 'Tartini Green' rosin made by 'Cremona in America.'

A Piacere has the exact same formula as the Tartini GREEN, which provides the effortless bow control with even sound production.

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04/10/2011 13:49
Trimdon Grange, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Best cello rosin I've tried so far
6 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: The case means you don't get your fingers stuck up with Rosin. Less scratchy than the cheaper rosins which means you can get better articulation. I'd buy this again

Cons: Creates more dust than my previous rosin.

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11/05/2011 10:47
manchester, United Kingdom


Gives a warm sound. Not as much bite as some
4 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: Gives warm sound and articulation is possible.

Cons: Expensive. Possibly less "bite" than some rosins.

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20/07/2013 19:35
Penarth, United Kingdom


Andrea Rosin
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good grip, clear sound

Cons: Not sure whether the grip goes with repeated use...early days

Other: I have used Andrea rosin for some time now...find it helps to mix them up a bit!

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27/08/2013 15:03
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good rosin
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: The rosin itself has made a difference to the tone - much better.

Cons: Unfortunately the rosin was cracked on arrival, but I am still using it as it seems to be stuck well to the box. Probably should have had better packing for the journey!

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09/08/2016 21:51
Brighton, United Kingdom


Definitely the best rosin I have used.

Pros: Having tried several different rosins, this is the nicest to use. You don't need much, it stays on the bow hair rather than caking onto the strings and gives a good clear sound without harshness. My viola has a strong tone anyway, and some rosins make too harsh a sound on it. I use Eva Pirazzi strings.

Cons: Nothing. Even the price is not a deterrent when you need so much less of it!

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10/05/2016 14:30
Royston, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent cello rosin

Pros: Andrea A Piacere cello rosin - best rosin that I have ever had.

Cons: The screw thread on the container needs to be wiped clean - otherwise it jams.

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18/12/2015 13:27
London, United Kingdom


Go Solo rosin

Pros: Great and easily applied

Cons: It's green dust

Other: Should have gone for solo

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01/10/2015 13:10
London, United Kingdom


Super (if really expensive) rosin!

Pros: Very light rosin, only needs very little application. Helps to make a super sound. I really love it! Leaves minimal rosin dust on instrument. Very good container.

Cons: Very expensive, and a very small amount.

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14/08/2015 15:15
westgate on sea, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Rosin not for me me.

Pros: An okay rosin, but the higher tones are reduced, which I miss. Gone back to Dominant rosin with Dominant strings, the best combination for me. I have tried quite a few rosins over the years.

Cons: Too pricey. Higher overtones are clipped .

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23/07/2015 19:41
Penrith, United Kingdom


A cheap way to enhance your instrument.

Pros: Best rosin I have tried by far. A sweeter, solid sound produced with less effort. I have used many different rosins ranging from £5 - £15, and not thought any made much difference until this one. So good that intend to buy the solo version also.

Cons: Expensive, but hey, it lasts for ages and cheaper than a new bow. Lots of dust produced, but again... Who cares?

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