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Dogal Green Label Violin Strings, SET


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Metal cored, student strings.

Simple, steel strings of value for beginner students in all sizes. Bright tone, stable in tuning.

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All strings are full size, medium tension with ball ends unless specified otherwise.

Product specifications

  • Ideal for beginners.
  • E - Plain steel
  • A, D & G bronze wound steel.
  • Made in Italy

Customer reviews:

29/02/2016 17:25
Stanley Crook, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good basic strings for practice or student.
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Pros: Decent budget strings, I got them for an electric violin I occasionally plug in but mainly use for quiet practice. Sound OK and can't fault for the price. Settled in quickly, no nasty squeals or anything.

Cons: Perhaps lacking a little warmth, but I can't really judge as they are fitted to an electric fiddle. Wouldn't use them on my main classical instrument but that's not a criticism really.

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