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Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String, A


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Aluminium on synthetic core. Medium tension 4/4

All strings are ball end, full size, medium tension unless specified.

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14/07/2015 12:56
Malvern, United Kingdom


Highly recommend the Eva Pirazzi Gold
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Pros: I think it is fair to say this is the best string I have used. It has power and resonance and speaks more immediately than my other strings and with greater clarity whilst retaining warmth and richness of tone. However, these qualities I have particularly noticed in conjunction with using Salchow light rosin of late. Do not mistake this string for the other make of Eva Pirazzi (green packet), which sounds powerful, but in my view lacks the warmth of the 'Gold' version.

Cons: No cons so far.

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30/11/2016 07:13
West Cheshunt, United Kingdom


Great string!

Pros: This is the best string for my violin. It's a bright sound and they last s fair amount of time before losing their tone.

Cons: Pricey!

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12/10/2016 07:19
Devon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Beautiful mellow strings.

Pros: Beautiful mellow sound enhancing my German 1887 violin.

Cons: Took a couple of weeks to settle in. A bit pricy but worth it.

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09/07/2013 10:01
herts, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Very nice sound
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Pros: Although it's usually the lower strings which make a resonant sound, the A made a really 'big' sound compared to them

Cons: There is nothing really wrong with this string!

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14/07/2015 09:24
London, United Kingdom


Not what I expected.
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Pros: This would have been the string to complete the Evah Pirazzi set.

Cons: My daughter left it a few months before asking her violin teacher to fit it. It turned out to be a D string in a A string packet. So she has no A string.

Other: I would like to clarify that this is a manufacture issue and no fault of the seller. All the packaging was factory sealed.

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