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Flexocor Deluxe Double Bass String, G


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Chrome Steel on steel rope core. Standard 106-110cm scale, medium tension, Orchestra tuning.

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BlankBlank 2
12/03/2016 00:28
Dorchester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

A happy choice - no regrets.

Pros: Compared with the Evah Pirazzi set I previously tried, these steel rope strings feel very clear and clean, well defined intonation and very pleasing tone both for arco and orchestral pizzicato. Powerful but well balanced across all strings. Open G is always unpleasantly nasal on my bass, but not as bad as with some strings.

Cons: See re A string.

Other: Bought as a set. Comments apply to all.

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24/01/2013 07:45
Reading, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Quality is worth paying a little extra for

Pros: I am very pleased with the mellow tonal qualities of this string, having had to put up with an unpleasantly bright sound from the G string that I fitted nearly 20 years ago!

Cons: none

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