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FOM Violin Shoulder Rest


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Budget shoulder rest similar to Kun Collapsible.

A good quality shoulder rest suitable for children and amateur use.

Product specifications

  • Plastic frame with foam rubber padding
  • Folding feet
  • Height adjustable
  • Width adjustment.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 2
BlankBlank 2
05/02/2017 14:34
Norwich, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Satisfactory purchase of a violin shoulder rest

Pros: I like the FOM shoulder rest also the price and the free p&p

Cons: Nothing to dislike ,this rest suited me . Its down to personal preferance

Other: Good srevice

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15/06/2016 15:34
Epsom, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

For the prices Its more that adequate

Pros: For the prices Its more that adequate

Cons: What's not to like about something this economical

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23/03/2016 17:03
Torpoint, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Well-constructed but (for me) Kun is a better fit

Pros: More compact than my Kun Original (non-collapsible) shoulder rest. It fits into a case where the Kun will not. This is a well-constructed rest.

Cons: Not as good a fit as my Kun and there is a tendency for the violin to slide off my shoulder, which doesn't happen with the Kun.

Other: Whether this rest will be a good fit depends on the individual. Personally, I'll probably replace this rest with a Kun Collapsible. However, someone else might find the FOM a better fit.

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21/01/2016 16:13
Heathfield, United Kingdom


Great product, does what it says

Pros: Easy to fit and use

Cons: Nothing

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