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D'Addario Helicore Violin String, A


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Full size medium tension
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1/4 size
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Full size low tension (Light)
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Full size, high tension (Heavy)
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Full size, Titanium wound, medium tension
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Multi strand steel core, Aluminium or Titanium (4/4) wound

Full, 3/4 and 1/2 size. Full size available in 3 tensions.

All strings are full size, medium tension with ball ends unless specified otherwise.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website, link below

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 8
BlankBlank 3
04/12/2017 17:24
Wicklow, Ireland


D addario helicore 3/4 a string

Pros: These strings are great for children as they keep their pitch very well. The tone is good too. I like it to be able to purchase single strings rather than sets.

Cons: Funnyly we need at least 2 a strings a year, no others, they unravel at some stage.

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marion Chalmers
10/03/2017 13:23
blairgowrie, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

good quality sound, long lasting and good value

Pros: These strings produce a good quality sound and keep their tone for a long time. Good value.

Cons: No cons.

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16/11/2016 16:32
Cumbria, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Titanium or Aluminium

Pros: This is the first time I have tried the Titanium wound 'A' string. I always get through the Aluminium 'A' in only a short time, well before the others, so I thought I'd try the Titanium version. I can not tell the difference in sound or playability verses the Aluminium one and time will tell on its longevity. Lets hope it lasts!

Cons: None

Other: If it lasts I would rate it as 5 star!

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Mr jones
17/04/2016 14:09
bentley, United Kingdom



Pros: My favourite range of strings. Especially the E, which has a much thicker timbre than Dominant(which I found can be very 'brittle' or thin in sound, and also the windings seem to break much quicker. The A string keeps also keeps it's brighter sound, and lasts, way longer than Dominant.

Cons: n/a

Other: n/a

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13/03/2016 00:08
Derbyshire, United Kingdom


A better value 'Russian A'

Pros: Reliable and very stable string that readily speaks clearly. Blends well with numerous steel Es. I find the light steel A balances well with medium synthetic D and G.

Cons: It doesn't bring bags of complexity but your instrument and choice of other strings may already be sufficient anyway.

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05/02/2016 17:42
Chester, United Kingdom


A good make of string.

Pros: These strings are warm and stay in tune. I bought a full set in Aug 2015 but I caught the A with the frog and damaged it. The replacement settled in quickly.

Cons: None

Other: String zone are quick off the mark with orders and delivery.

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09/05/2011 15:03
Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Happy playing!

Pros: Great on electric violins - also it doesn't stretch when it's new, so it doesn't go out of tune.

Cons: No cons!

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24/02/2011 12:06
Coventry, United Kingdom


A very good mid-price string

Pros: A very good mid-price string - good tone - lasts well - good for both electric and acoustic

Cons: Wears out after a couple of months

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15/02/2014 13:09
HASTINGS, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good responsive strings.
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Easy to fit .stay in tune quickly,Responsive.warm tone.

Cons: nothing i dont like.

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30/09/2013 18:34
buckie, United Kingdom


Fantastic string for fiddle players!
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Really good tone, very quick break-in time, very stable, and long life.

Cons: Nothing!

Other: Great string for fiddle players. It might not have quite enough quality for a serious classical player though.

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