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Fine Tuner for Loop End Strings by Wittner, Germany


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Fine tuner for use with loop end strings. Widely used by professional musicians to maintain correct string tension. Ball end strings can also be used by using the optional ball end adapter.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TO ENSURE THIS PRODUCT MEETS YOUR NEEDS. Fine tuner suitable for 'loop' end e strings or ball end with adapter. To obtain maximum adjustment range the tailpiece slot may need lengthening. Some modern wooden tailpieces will need thinning from underneath to obtain the maximum range of adjustment. We strongly recommend the use of a plastic insert to avoid the hook cutting the string loop. We cannot accept liability for strings cut by the hook.

Click here to buy adapter for ball end strings.

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03/12/2012 15:45
Boston, United Kingdom


Good tuner but needs the appropriate tail piece.
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Pros: Very well made tuner with a good screw and action.

Cons: Make sure that your particular tail piece will fit this type of tuner as they are small and will need a specific cut to work.

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02/02/2016 12:36
Coventry, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Correct string length matters!

Pros: Fits on my viola just fine, opened up my A string which originally sounded steely and squeaky with almost every A string available.

Cons: None!

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20/03/2013 14:40
Bath, United Kingdom


does not fit on conventional tailpiece
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Pros: liked idea of using loop end E string with no metal ball and liked mechanism which does not project down onto the table of the violin and cause damage.

Cons: Too small and complicated and fiddly.Did not fit onto the tailpiece. Useless.

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