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Innovation Braided-Orchestral Double Bass Strings. SET.


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Non-metallic synthetic core designed for a gut like sound without the expense. For orchestral playing.

For all basses 106-110cm scale (3/4 & 4/4)

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Adam Wynter
03/10/2013 01:06
London, United Kingdom


Very cheap and very good
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Pros: These strings are very good for stiffer instruments or ones with a longer scale. I play a big five string bass at work and I can really feel the extra resonance with the lower tension. Pizz sound is fab too. And the price! Can't go wrong, really. Very easy on the left hand.

Cons: Perhaps a little too thick for solo playing - but if you want to play concertos, well, you should have picked the violin.

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18/01/2011 08:20
london, United Kingdom


instant happiness with innovation bass strings
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Pros: Feels like a light gauge string and very easy on the fingers. Lovely warm tone. My bass has a really high action but i can still play above the fifth on all the strings and get a good sound.

Cons: No cons for me with these strings.

Other: I found these strings made the bass easier to play and sounded better than the ones it came with

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