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Jargar Cello String, Silver Sound, G


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Silver wound

The silver winding allows the string to be slightly thinner and produces a rounder, more gut like sound.

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 5
Laura Stewart
20/02/2011 12:15
New Malden, United Kingdom


Very good service
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: This make was recommended to me by my cello teacher - a bit more expensive than I hoped (buying all 4 was nearly £100) but the difference they've made to my playing has been worth it! The Jargar produces a much greater depth and warmth of tone which in turn has given me more confidence when playing. The strings I had before are like cheese wire in comparison!

Cons: None

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18/02/2016 15:54
New Malden, United Kingdom


A warm string that plays well straight away.

Pros: I have been trying several G strings on a new cello and this is the first one that does not have that hard, wiry 'tungsten' edge when you first put it on. Very smooth and warm sounding straight away. I chose the low tension version to keep the wolf controlled, which it does. It's also not very expensive compared with many others.

Cons: It might be a bit less powerful than some other strings, but if you match it carefully (e.g. with Jargar Dolce D and A), it should be enough for most situations. It could also be a good way to 'tame' a bright-sounding cello.

Other: It hasn't needed any playing in. Time will tell whether it goes 'squashy' after a while, as another reviewer has said. If it stays the way it sounds now, I will be very satisfied and will probably try the Silver Sound C as well.

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14/12/2012 18:47
Gloucester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good company
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good sound

Cons: Nothing

Other: Very good prompt delivery

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09/03/2012 16:12
Pencader, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A lovely G string
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: It plays warmly

Cons: nothing against - no playing in reguired

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07/06/2011 20:04
Kettering, United Kingdom


A squashy string
0 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: My initial reaction was that it was a good mellow tone.

Cons: After a while it began to feel squashy and under-powered.

Other: It was an improvement on the straight Jargar, but I think I will try something else next time.

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