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Jargar Superior Cello String, D


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Increased volume and power

Increased warmth and brilliance The solid steel core ensures tuning stability, easier response and faster playing-in time. Available in Forte, Medium and Dolce. Marked with yellow at peg end

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BlankBlank 2
11/11/2016 19:30
Bristol, United Kingdom


Nice sound, quick response and a good guage.

Pros: A great string. Quick to play in, and thicker than the standard Jargar. Nice sound, good projection and no noise. A little less bright than the Larsens, but a great string.

Cons: None

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02/01/2015 20:12
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom


love jargar, hoping the superiors are superior
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Pros: my go to string is normally the jargar forte, i've heard good things about the superior, it's a bit tinny at the moment but only on day 2 so fingers crossed... it's playing well at the moment, just hoping it's worth the extra money

Cons: at the moment, so harsh for small ensemble but hoping it will settle

Other: can't praise string zone high enough for their customer service

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