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LupX Wolfnote Eliminator

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Brass wolf note eliminator

Product specifications

  • No dampening materials
  • Easy to mount and adjust with clamp mechanism
  • Very good and uniform response

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03/12/2011 16:27
PONTYPRIDD, United Kingdom


A cheap and simple fix for wolfnotes. Get one!
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: This worked really well for me. I had a very prominent wolf note on a new cello and using a LupX eliminator has reduced it significantly. I would recommend the LupX eliminator to my colleagues and students.

Cons: It comes with no instructions on how to fit it correctly, so someone with little knowledge will have trouble fitting it in the correct place to get maximum effect. However, there is lots of advice on the Internet.

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26/08/2011 22:25
Tonbridge, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Easy to put on and it worked
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Looks nice and neat, easy to put on and it worked

Cons: Nothing - it's a good product

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30/01/2018 19:22
Beckenham, United Kingdom


Playing with Wolves

Pros: So firstly this is a well made item which looks good on the cello. I have a mid 19th century German cello with a horrendous wolf note on E natural 4th position G string. Pretty much putting the LupX anywhere on any of the strings silenced the wolf. However, depending on the position, it would move the wolf note, or change the tone of one of the open strings, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Cons: Moved the wolf note, could not find a truly satisfactory position, with either a new wolf note (albeit in a less used position) or unacceptable tone of an open string

Other: In the end, I tried it on pretty much every position below the bridge on every string. I was never truly satisfied and I eventually found a point where it was 'acceptable'. I decided just to see the difference, to buy a Toute mute. It got rid of the wolf straight away, improved the tone of my D string, and has not moved the wolf tone. I would try a tourte mute first as they are so cheap, then go for this

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24/01/2018 13:31
London, United Kingdom



Pros: Easy to fit& works perfectly.

Cons: None

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31/05/2017 20:04
Dolgellau, United Kingdom


Great Value, Effective Wolfnote Eliminator

Pros: Very easy to install - and easy on the eye. Reduced (but did not totally eliminate) the "wolfy" area on the D string around B to D which now sounds better to my relatively untrained ear. The wolf on F / F# on the G string, however, has now moved to just below Gb and so is avoidable ....... when my intonation is correct. The strings on the cello are Pirastro Olivs. Fast dispatch in strong, secure packaging.

Cons: Nothing to dislike.

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23/03/2017 22:37
vitolini vinci, Italy


Good quality, works well, elegant to look at.

Pros: Works well. Very elegant.

Cons: No particular things i didn't like. I'm not sure if it Works any better that the cheaper, tube-shaped, wolf eliminators.

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25/05/2016 15:10
Wallington, United Kingdom


Amazing little gadget.

Pros: It was very easy to fit and made an immediate difference to the performance of the cello. The G string is now performing normally and the whole cello seems to sound much brighter.

Cons: None.

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22/04/2016 13:28
Orpington, United Kingdom


Elegant but pricey

Pros: Nicely machined, elegant, easy to fit

Cons: Not cheap for what it is!

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30/12/2015 11:25
Coventry, United Kingdom


Reducer, nor eliminator

Pros: Small size, doesn't take up much space on string.

Cons: No instructions on how to use, like where to position it. I have no idea if I'm positioning it correctly, as I've not managed to completely eliminate it. A bit pricey, and hasn't solved the problem.

Other: The wolf tone is reduced but not gone, is there a way to eliminate it completely?

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19/11/2015 11:46
Bolton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Price, description, despatch and item excellent.

Pros: Item and service excellent.

Cons: No problems.

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