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Pirastro Flexocor-Permanent Violin Strings, SET


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Rope cored steel strings.Medium tension. Set of 4 as below.

The warm sounding steel string • • great projection • good modulation, smooth and lively tone • easiest response

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All strings are full size, medium tension with ball ends unless specified otherwise.

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Customer reviews:

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BlankBlank 2
07/03/2012 11:57
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

perfect for fun fast playing
8 out of 9 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've never been happier with a strings purchase. Flexocor-Permanent respond instantly to bow changes, making fast passages fly by without any loss of control. They're easy under the left hand too, and I can play for hours without tension. The sound is good and loud, very even across the strings, and not lacking in beauty or subtlety. They stay in tune really well. I play with complete confidence on these strings because I know they will do exactly as they are told.

Cons: They're hard to tune from the peg, so you may need four fine tuners. The 'D' string wrapping at the tail end was a bit lumpy and it was difficult to jam it into the tailpiece when putting them on at first. There's nothing special about the E string, which whistles from time to time. They are very expensive for metal strings, and I don't yet know how long they will last.

Other: I've had these on my (workshop-made Chinese) fiddle for about a month. I play mostly Irish traditional and they're very good at asserting themselves in a noisy pub session - maybe not so good for chamber music, although the sound is not at all harsh. These are the first all-metal strings I've tried after using synthetics for many years (Pirastro Obligato were my previous favourites) so I can't compare to others of the same kind.

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20/11/2012 11:24
Dorset, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very bright strings
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: These strings are very bright. My fiddle is quite soft sounding and requires a nice bright set like this. I play mainly Irish folk and these strings really sing out in a session. They are unusual to fit too, because they are very floppy when not up to tension. This makes them quite soft on the fingers when playing which I prefer, although I guess some wouldn't. I've been trying different strings to find what suits my fiddle for some time and these are currently my favourite.

Cons: These strings are very bright. A friend also purchased these strings having heard them on my fiddle and found they were too loud and bright for his fiddle - almost harsh.

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