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Pirastro Obligato Cello String, G


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Tungsten on synthetic core

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22/03/2015 10:34
Shropshire, United Kingdom


Smooth, resonant and a lovely full sound.
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Pros: I was keen to find a replacement G and C string to go with my Warchal Brilliant A and D, The Warchal G was always hard to break -in and so my quest for a more pliable and resonant G string took me to try out Obligato, as they also have a synthetic core. .Having tried several different types of G in the last couple of years, through Larsen, Eudoxa, Evah Dominant and Warchal, Obligato is the most resonant and smooth that I have tried. It blends well with my Warchal A and D and I am really pleased with it., it produces so much resonance and a lovely sound that carries, with a lot of power.I found that the string maintained pitch after a couple of hours and there were no issues with tuning and the sound across all of my strings is even, full and rich. I am so glad that I tried this brand, it is in my opinion, the best G that I have tried on my 200 year old English cello, the synthetic cores bring out more qualities in my cello sound that all-metal or all-gut have not quite managed to do. I will now use it all the time, along with the C string, which I will review...

Cons: Nothing..

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