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Pirastro Obligato Viola String, C


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Tungsten and silver on synthetic core.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website, link below

Recommended for violas with a playing scale of 35-38cm which covers most violas of back length 15-16.5 inches

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Kenneth Watkin
18/02/2011 19:37
Neath, United Kingdom


A great sounding all-round string
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Produces a full, rich, rounded sound. Responsive and yet with the desirable "thick" tone that one wants of a c-string.

Cons: Nothing

Other: It is good to have the c-string with variable tensions for different length violas.

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17/04/2011 12:28
Oxford, United Kingdom


Great C string
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Best sounding string for my viola. Quick play in time. Projects but still has round tonal quality.

Cons: None!

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08/04/2011 17:44
Blandford Forum, United Kingdom


I wouldn't use anything else!
2 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Great string, lovely sound and it settled in very quickly like all other Obligato strings.

Cons: There is nothing I don't like about this string!

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Dr Glyn R John
29/12/2017 15:06
Yarm, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A warm mellow string producing very clean notes

Pros: A warm mellow and deep sound with my 1907 Thomas C Buttcher viola, with clean notes up to 5th position. Took a couple of weeks to completely settle but stays in tune very well. Blends in beautifully with Obligato G and D strings.

Cons: Not cheap bur worth it for such an attractive sound

Other: As others have commented it is the combination of string and instrument under review

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29/05/2017 10:56
Farnham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

OK, but not what I'm looking for

Pros: I'm experimenting with 2 or 3 different types of string to see what works best on my viola. This string gives plenty of volume, with a hard edge to the sound, but sounded a bit muffled as soon as I got out of first position. Not bad, but not ideal either.

Cons: See Pros

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07/04/2016 21:49
Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A good buy

Pros: Very responsive, a little "metallic" to initial open playing but good tone when fingered.

Cons: It rings sympathetically a lot

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07/05/2013 11:07
Peterborough, United Kingdom


an improvement

Pros: more focussed sound

Cons: still a bit fuzzy

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07/08/2012 14:15
Barnet, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Suits the instrument
2 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: This 'strong' tension string suits my instrument better than anything I've previously tried. That is not really a reflection on the string itself, but on the way it interacts with this particular viola. In general, I like the sound of Obligato strings on this viola -- but not on my violin, which is already "dark" enough in sound.

Cons: Nothing, yet.

Other: One can only laugh at being asked to review a viola string at all (given that everything depends on the instrument and context). This one was at least fitted, whereas most string purchases are bought to replace spares.

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Dr Sackman
23/03/2011 16:24
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A fine product for most musical situations
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: A soft-tension C-string for my 16.5 inch viola with a string vibrating length of 380mm. Very easy to play, nice tone, usual quality item from Pirastro. Once it has stretched itself it stays reasonably in tune.

Cons: Very slightly 'flabby' when faced with fast/low-pitched/loud passages. The medium tension version (optimised for 370mm) is not significantly 'quicker' (but these comments are very dependent on the viola's 'natural' characteristics).

Other: Similar positives for the Obligato/soft G-string and D-string.

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