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Pirastro Obligato Violin String, E Gold Plated


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Ball end, low tension (Weich)
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Ball end, high tension (Stark)
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Gold plated chromesteel. Ball or loop end.

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.

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23/01/2011 17:51
Swindon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Try if you like gut, or need a more mellow sound.
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: My fiddle is quite bright, verging on the harsh at times. The Obligatos have produced a more mellow A and E, and better power for D and G. It's a late C19 german instrument, designed for gut strings, so it seems natural to try gut sound alikes with it. I like the result. I play classical and folk music.

Cons: Shame they cost more than Dominants. I don't yet konw how long they will last. I used to dump Dominants after 6 months as quite suddenly become more difficult to get a good tone out of. So far the Obligatos have lasted nearly 5 months, still OK.

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Scott Hesford
23/02/2011 19:28
Barnsley, United Kingdom


Excellent if you don't mind the whistling
4 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: A good warm sound.

Cons: The gold string whistles too much for my liking. I have found that the Pirastro No. 1 E string is a much better match for the Obligato strings with the added bonus of no whistling.

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08/04/2011 12:16
London, United Kingdom


Excellent string
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: lovely tone, very very stable (didn't go out of tube at all after putting it on!)

Cons: No problems so far

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21/11/2017 12:19
Bath, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great service, exceptional delivery

Pros: Extremely fast delivery

Cons: None

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27/12/2016 19:25
Exeter, United Kingdom


Good price, great sounding string

Pros: Quick efficeint delivery, good price

Cons: no cons

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18/06/2016 11:17
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

pretty but unrelaible

Pros: Looked pretty on my violin

Cons: A very 'unpredictable string.' I wouldn't use it again. Ah well, if you don't try you don't find out!

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27/10/2015 15:19
Malmesbury, United Kingdom


Good service

Pros: Good tone on my violin

Cons: Nothing

Other: Good communication re delivery etc

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30/10/2014 03:24
Mid Wales, United Kingdom


Great sound from Obligato Gold E

Pros: It's warmth, and still being able to cut through clearly

Cons: I've tried them a few times now, I'm feeling likes I might try the softer version next time

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21/02/2014 20:26
Kilburn, United Kingdom


mellow string

Pros: The light tension Obligato Gold E is a mellow string for bright sounding violins.

Cons: no cons

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29/05/2013 19:21
middlesbrough, United Kingdom


not at all happy with the gold e-string

Pros: cant say, see cons

Cons: was bought for my partner, she tightened to half tone under, left for 2 hours then tried to fully tune, it snapped immediately. won't buy another

Other: replaced with standard e string which she likes

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