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Pirastro Passione Cello String, G


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The latest string from Pirastro is designed to produce the highest quality of tone usually obtained only with a traditional gut string but with the the power and stability of a metal based string.

All strings are ball end, full size, medium tension unless specified.

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18/03/2011 23:42
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Pirastro Passione Cello G String
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Pros: Easy to fit.

Cons: It feels quite different to the Pirastro Eudoxa G string - both bowing and plucking. It doesn't have as much "give" as I've been used to. So far, I'd say the Eudoxa string had a MUCH rounder sound, and seemed to hold its tuning better.

Other: I decided to try the Passione string for a change, but I'm afraid I've used Eudoxa G and C strings for so many years that I would proably find ANY other make quite a change, to be honest. Also,I've not given the Passione a fair playing in time, yet!

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