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Pirastro Tonica Viola String, G


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Medium scale, medium tension
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Long scale, medium tension.
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Extra long scale, medium tension
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Medium scale, low tension (Soft)
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Medium scale, high tension (Strong)
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Silver on synthetic core.

Scales refer to the vibrating length of the string measured from bridge to nut.

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01/04/2016 11:04
Farnham, United Kingdom


Good tone & response

Pros: The string is just what I wanted - less shrill and "nasal" than the previous Dominant.

Cons: Nothing - although I reserve the right to comment if it doesn't last!

Other: Service was excellent - next day delivery. Thanks. Incidentally, I'm assuming that 5 is good and 1 is bad, but it would help if you said so.

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28/04/2014 14:34
Norwich, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Squeaks and slips.

Pros: Interesting, spritely tone

Cons: Played in a hot room for the first week it was on and it slipped a lot. Also, it squeaks when I play slow passages. Won't be using them again but worth a try for the price. I hear they are good for electric instruments, actually.

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27/02/2012 16:43
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Good after first week
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Pros: Once it had settled in the tone is quite impressive. Kept its pitch well from the start.

Cons: Took about a week of solid playing to lose the initial edge and grittiness. The D string I tried didn't have that problem so it may just be this particular string. Up till now I had been using Obligato which do take a while to settle in.

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