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Violino Violin String, A


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Aluminium on synthetic core.

Medium tension only

All strings are ball end, full size, medium tension unless specified.

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BlankBlank 2
01/09/2016 14:55
Penzance, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Perfect A for fiddling. Lighter touch.

Pros: Settled in quite quickly. Once settled, really easy and light fingering. Great for folk fiddling and a great match for my old French workshop fiddle which is deep and mellow. No more index finger callus!

Cons: The ball end struggled a bit with my fine tuners but that could equally be because they are new too.

Other: Great match with Violino D. Currently paired with Pirastro Aricore G and Aricore E. When it comes to next change I will go back to Lenzner Goldbrokat E and Pirastro Synoxa G as on my other modern violin. However, all balance very well. Just the Aricore E is a bit too thin and cheese-wirey.

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15/03/2016 16:31
cupar, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Nice clean, warm sound

Pros: I bought this to 'tame' a good modern violin which has a rather hard, over-prominent sound on the A string, somewhat improved by the luthier who experimented with the poisiiton of the sound post, but still not quite to my taste. The string does produce a clean, warm sound and it did help, so I am quite happy with it ; up till now - I have tried other strings - it has offered the best solution.

Cons: Nothing

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