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Pro Arté Cello String, A


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Nylon core string that is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, with a moderate break-in period. Pro Arte strings have a warm sound and a good bow response.

Customer reviews:

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BlankBlank 1
BlankBlank 1
30/01/2014 22:33
Belfast, United Kingdom


Good value for money. Patience needed to tune it.
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Pros: It has a softer feel under the finger tips than other steel strings and when it settled down it made a hugely better sound than the cheap ones my students usually buy.

Cons: I thought it was a D string it took such a long time to tune up to pitch. This was a totally different experience to any other string I have used for a student. I found this quite astonishing!

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Mr Peter Haywood
01/07/2013 22:41
Pwllheli, United Kingdom


Ask me again in a month, when they`ve played in.
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Pros: The tone is pretty good and,on my cello, fits in well with my Jargar silversound C and G. They weren`t too expensive either.

Cons: a bit difficult to make them play smoothly, the rosin needs to be just right or the bow hair misses its grip a bit, hoping they`ll settle down. I`ve cleaned them with meths to check there`s no grease or muck left from manufacture.

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