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Resonans Viola Shoulder Rest

4.2 from 6 reviews
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Swedish designed shoulder rest. Simple effective design with padded velvet support. Made in USA.

3 Heights Fully adjustable for width.

Product specifications:

  • Metal frame and legs
  • Velvet padded support.
  • Adjustable for width.
  • Made in USA

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15/02/2011 21:51
Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom


Still using a violin one that is 40 years old.
5 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: Very comfortable and easy to alter to suit different instruments.

Cons: Nothing.

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10/03/2012 18:27
Billingshurst, United Kingdom


a reasonable, cheap shoulder rest
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: reasonably comfortable

Cons: Very badly made

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04/03/2012 12:07
Gloucester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Not for everyone.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Easy to alter for instrument size.

Cons: I do a lot of orchestral play and this shoulder rest made it painful to play for long periods of time.

Other: I don't know whether there is something wrong with my shoulder rest but I had to get a different one as it made me play worse. Just know that there may be a possibility of this happening.

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11/11/2016 23:02
Augsburg, Germany


Resonans Viola shoulder rest from old to new times

Pros: The Resonans Viola Shoulder Rest is the best shoulder rest that I ever played, because it´s sp easy built, you cannot fail as Viola player!

Cons: No Coms

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04/03/2016 17:01
Crewe, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Very good shoulder rest...

Pros: The shoulder rest is sturdy, well made and does not slip off of my viola at all. It is easy to alter to suit the size of your instrument and is rather comfortable.

Cons: N/A

Other: Very pleased with this product and it is good value for money.

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01/06/2013 11:36
Barnham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Comfortable shoulder rest at low price.

Pros: I've used Resonans violin rests for fifty years. They are simple but adjustable by virtue of brass legs and I find them perfectly comfortable. It is astonishing that they are available for so little money.

Cons: The replacement rubber feet are a shocking price and there are much cheaper sources, they are just rubber tubing. The joints do come loose after a few years but a judicious tap with a hammer tightens them again.

Other: I should have bought, and can still afford to buy, the taller model for this viola.

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