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Spector Violin Mute by Super Sensitive

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In situ mute designed by Fred Spector of the Chicago Symphony. Made of hard rubber the mute stays in place without rattling.

Locates between the 2 middle strings and slides forward to use.

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20/11/2011 18:24
Deeside, United Kingdom


Ideal for orchestra or chamber work
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Convenient, stays in place when not in use, produces a nicely muted tone (if not as quiet as other types), moves into place pretty much noiselessly - so far, faultless!

Cons: None that I have discovered so far...

Other: For years I used a Roth Sihon-type clip mute that worked perfectly well - except that I was concerned about the wrapping starting to come loose on the D and A strings. I tried a Tourte violin-shaped small mute for a while, but found it to be a little fiddly to get into place quickly; I was also wary of it slipping out of place during a performance. The Spector seems to strike the right balance between these - very convenient, slides easily and pretty well noiselessly into place, doesn't rattle or shift about when not in use... I recently led the 2nd Violin section in a performance of Mahler's 2nd Symphony and it was exactly what I needed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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J. Freeman
18/05/2017 16:58
Leicester, United Kingdom


Don't buy, it doesn't work.

Pros: Great design, slides easily onto the bridge.

Cons: This mute does not work. No difference to the tone.

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02/03/2017 07:08
Kent, United Kingdom


Doesn't work

Pros: Useful as a rubber...

Cons: Doesn't work! Only the very faintest of muting. But it is an ok rubber. If a bit pricey.

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17/05/2016 20:42
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A functional, unobtrusive mute.

Pros: Not the most mutingest of mutes, but it takes the edge off French fiddles, which can be a tad shrill. It is small, discrete, easy to fit and doesn't rattle. I like this model, and use no other, having tried several. I keep one on the fiddle, ready for use as required, as it is so unobtrusive.

Cons: None - it suits my purpose just fine.

Other: Received promptly.

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Mrs A.King
22/07/2015 13:54
Holywood, United Kingdom


nice quiet mute.

Pros: The mute is very easy to push on and doesn't rattle when not in use. It is just big enough to use on a viola.

Cons: It doesn't mute very much.

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15/07/2015 18:20
Southampton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Beautiful motion and NO squeaking whatsoever.

Pros: Beautiful motion and NO squeaking whatsoever. Would be good if the whole violin section of our orchestra had them.

Cons: Not a thing.

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24/08/2012 00:26
Naas, Ireland

Grade 8+

A great mute

Pros: This is a very handy and easy to use mute. It sits between the D and A strings. When needed one simply pushes it towards the bridge. Excellent for orchestral playing since it is so quick to put on. It also doesn't make any noise when moving it towards the bridge. Doesn't move when not in use either.

Cons: Doesn't quite have the same muting abilities as other mutes on the market.

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07/12/2011 17:02
Southampton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A very good solution - handy, effective, and neat.

Pros: It's small and unobtrusive, but quite effective. It doesn't slide about, or bobble up and down, like some other mutes, but it's handy when you need it - just a gentle push is all it needs to either set or unset. Also it doesn't damage the strings by repeated movement, unlike some other mutes.

Cons: It's brown ! I would prefer black but does it matter. Also, if you want a heavy damping action this is not the one to use.

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Mrs McCallum
26/05/2011 12:27
Saffron Walden, United Kingdom


Easy to use quality violin mute

Pros: Easy to fit, and quick to put on the bridge when playing and it does not move around and rattle when not in use

Cons: None

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09/03/2011 17:39
HAYLE, United Kingdom


mellow easy to use mute.

Pros: Great mute. Easy to slide up and down. Gives a mellower sound but does not mute as much as other mutes. Depends what you are after.

Cons: No cons.

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