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The Hill Special Violin String, E

4.6 from 30 reviews
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Medium tension, loop end.
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Low tension (Thin), loop end.
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High tension (Thick), loop end.
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Medium tension, ball end.
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Low tension (Thin), ball end.
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High tension (Thick), ball end.
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Famous E string originally produced by W.E. Hill and Sons. Suitable for all players and instruments. One of the most effective and popular E's on the market.

Product specifications

  • Plain steel
  • Ball or loop end
  • 3 tensions

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01/01/2011 23:09
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Easy-to-play, non-whistling E
11 out of 11 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've tried all three weights of the Hill Special E. The heavy gauge is a bit hard to play; the light one sounds slightly weedy, but the medium one strikes just the right balance. Plus, it's never whistled on me, which is the whole reason I've been experimenting with specialist Es.

Cons: I can't fault it!

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23/10/2012 11:31
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Quite good plain-steel string
6 out of 7 found the following review helpful

Pros: I have played these strings for years and generally love them. Although I try to avoid using potentially ambiguous qualitative terms, I would suggest they have a very warm sound. This I would derive from the string being not too overly bright and also driving a lot of high-mid frequencies without any spikes. The string plays well in all registers.

Cons: Having used these for years, the only downside I see to them is that they are a bit brittle. I have them snap on my fairly regularly and usually at different points, so it is unlikely to be the instrument. I see it as a worthwhile trade-off for the quality of their tone. These strings are quite economic anyhow.

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21/03/2013 11:39
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Song-bird Hill E
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Pure crystal clear sound without being overly bright. Plays well across all registers with a song-bird quality in the highest registers. Played in very quickly and doesn't need retuning. I use it with Pirastro Tonicas for G,D & A strings on my old French violin and the balance is lovely. My son combines his Hill E with Eva Pirzzi strings on an Old C18 English violin and again there is balance across the strings. No whistling noticed.

Cons: None

Other: The String Zone service is excellent and unsurpassable. They deliver promptly, efficiently and without a fuss.

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Chris Muscillo
02/04/2014 19:46
Boston, United Kingdom


A no frills Hills special.
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: A bright shiny string that makes a good sound. Quite dynamic and will carry well. Mixes with a Eudoxa A D and G.

Cons: The string is a loop end and so will require a hook style fine tuner that is fitted with a rubber cap. Not a long lasting string, if you play a lot be prepared to change fairly frequently.

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19/01/2011 20:42
Leicester, United Kingdom


I would recommend this purchase
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this string because I was having trouble with a lot squeaking and squealing on the original E string. I did find that with the Hill special this problem was very much reduced so for that reason alone I was very happy with my purchase. Also I found the Hills string matches the rest of the set ok.

Cons: No cons found

Other: The delivery was prompt

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24/10/2015 08:39
billericay, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

In my view the best cheap E string on the market.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: price & sweet sound

Cons: nothing

Other: I have an early 19th century German Strad fitted with Aricore strings as soon as i fitted it and played i could hear the difference it lifted the strings to a new level compared to my old E.Aricore & Hill E a good combination.

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17/02/2017 12:37
KBH S, Denmark


One of the best E strings available

Pros: the Hill medium has a nice "soft" sound. Blends very well with my Larsen Tzigane and before that Cantiga string set..

Cons: nothing

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19/10/2016 15:44
Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom


Good string, shame about the bridge protector.

Pros: Beautiful sounding string.

Cons: Bridge protector split after 5 minutes - I had to get a proper one off an old E string.

Other: Usual excellent service from String Zone.

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26/04/2016 14:41
Rotherham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Old time and folk E string

Pros: Slightly thicker feel than my usual E string, or felt it at least, which was good. Seemed more focused and louder.

Cons: It does squeak more! Mainly when crossing over strings so my technique not really the string, but otherwise good.

Other: Super quick delivery and well packaged and a decent product for the price.

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12/03/2016 23:17
Derbyshire, United Kingdom


You should try this.

Pros: The medium rings like a bell and has a solid musical tone

Cons: Dubious washer, recycle a sleeve from some other E

Other: Does anyone use that washer?

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