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'Tourte' Violin Shape Violin/Viola Mute

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Popular rubber mute which stays on the instrument. Locates on one string.

Product specifications:

  • Soft rubber
  • Stays on instrument
  • For all violins and violas
  • Made in USA

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
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Max Baillie
23/02/2011 16:33
London, United Kingdom


Great little mute!
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: very nice. love that silky muted sound. fixes easily to your strings when you're not using it.

Cons: not quite as good as the wooden mutes for that lovely muted sound, but the wooden ones can't be fixed to your strings so are a bit impractical. also easily lost. particularly if you lend to someone. but that's got nothing to do with product quality!

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21/02/2011 22:00
HARROGATE, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Inexpensive and effective
5 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: I like this better than the Tourte round mute because it sits securely on the strings when not in use - the round version tends to be much looser and rattles a bit. Its looks have a touch of individuality that score over the round one too. A rubber mute is best generally because it won't damage the strings - this can be a problem with some of the wire contraptions on offer. I've had many different mutes over the years and there's little to choose between them for sound quality, so convenience and price are the main areas to consider - this mute takes some beating on both counts.

Cons: Nothing to complain about really - it does the job very well.

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22/08/2011 17:53
Dereham, United Kingdom


Excellent mute, would recommend
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Liked the sound of my violin for practicing with this mute on, excellent would recommend it.

Cons: None

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23/03/2017 13:35
NORTHAMPTON, United Kingdom


A great, rattle free mute.

Pros: It's a very wise choice if you have a lively instrument - the standard round mute rattles a lot, to the point where I remove it, and then it's never there when I need it!

Cons: Nothing. It's the best design for my violin and viola.

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06/12/2016 13:38
Oxford, United Kingdom


Best option for a sliding mute

Pros: Doesn't rattle Good tone easy to slide on and off Good price

Cons: Ticks all the boxes

Other: other mutes are inferior in sound and handling

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Stephen Allen
28/10/2016 17:25
Harleston, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Practical and effective

Pros: It both works when on the bridge and stays still when resting near the tail piece.

Cons: Comes off slightly too easily if you are fiddling around with it.

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07/12/2015 11:33
Ashbourne, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great value, easy to use.

Pros: Easy to fix on. Can be left on the string at the "chin rest end" without any detriment of sound.

Cons: Bit fiddly to get off. Only fits on one string so it's a 'gentle' mute .

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16/07/2015 11:19
Brighton, United Kingdom


Tourte violin shaped mutes

Pros: I bought these as gifts for pupils - they loved them!

Cons: nothing

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17/10/2014 09:38
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

a useful item

Pros: Good. Small, does not rattle and does the job.

Cons: occasionally comes off the string.

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07/08/2014 13:01
Gosport, United Kingdom


Very happy with the product

Pros: It is small and unobtrusive and stays in place when not in use.

Cons: Easily lost if taken off the violin, but I remedied that by buying two because they are very inexpensive.

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