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Thomastik Vision Violin Strings, SET


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3/4 size
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1/2 size
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1/4 size
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Thomastik Vision violin strings SET of 4. All sizes. Perfect for children's and student instruments.

Vision are a high quality synthetic core string to fit all sizes 1/16-4/4. Small sizes come with Silver D as standard, full size offers an optional aluminium D for a slightly softer sound.

Click here to purchase single strings and other tensions (gauges).

All strings are full size, medium tension with ball ends unless specified otherwise.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website, link below

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 15
BlankBlank 7
28/12/2012 09:07
Turriff, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great strings at a sensible price
5 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality, tone and balance of these strings, and find it difficult to understand why they are significantly less expensive than the 'Dominants'. A great example of the law of diminishing returns.

Cons: Nothing

Other: I rarely play instrumental music, and use the fiddle for song accompaniment. These strings work perfectly for me and I will certainly be buying them again.

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30/04/2012 21:40
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Sound great on my violin!
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: These suite my 1924 violin perfectly! Very big, powerful sound at a very good price. Stabilise quite quickly and are easy to play on.

Cons: Nothing to dislike.

Other: Not sure why they're listed particularly for children's instruments, I'm a very happy adult!

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12/04/2012 09:09
Potters Bar, United Kingdom


Good value and big sound for 1/4 violins.
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: They are very suitable for upgrading the quarter size violins on which I have 3 tiny children taking AB grade 2.Vision are brighter than dominant but still have the depth.They are louder and easier to get "into the string" than the cheep ones we had before. Good value for the price.

Cons: Vision have less warmth than dominant.

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19/01/2011 12:51
Ballerup, Denmark

Keen Amateur

2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: My daughter is very satisfied with the strings I bought for her 3/4 violin.

Cons: Nothing

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14/07/2015 13:27
Oakworth, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good performer for learners
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good price, reliable performer and are ideal for learners instruments. As a luthier I am asked by a number of teachers to fit these strings for pupils around grade 4-5 +

Cons: Nothing really.

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22/06/2015 03:03
New Forest District, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Bought these as a change from the dominants i usually get and was quite surprised. They have a nice sharp tone to them but don't loose the warmth either like the dominants have. They are exactly what i needed and will buy another set, so defiantly 5*

Cons: The G string broke after a couple of months but i'd put that down to the fact i play bluegrass and i play a lot, so my strings take a lot of abuse over long periods of time.

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09/07/2014 21:29
BRIDLINGTON, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A rich, well balanced sound. Clear and responsive.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good balanced sound across all four strings including thr E string which often sounds a bit weak or scratchy on my fiddle, Responsive to play with a good rich sound, and stay in tune pretty well.

Cons: Occasional 'whistle' on the E string

Other: The best strings I've used so far. a pleasure to play.

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19/07/2017 14:33
KILMARNOCK, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good product, price and delivery.

Pros: Good service.

Cons: Nothing.

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29/04/2016 16:12
Lincoln, United Kingdom


Good, But I Now Prefer Other Strings

Pros: The string set was a lot quieter than Dominant strings. I could play the Violin at home without needing a mute. They seem to last a long time and stay in tune very well. They had a very nice sound. As ever, the speed of delivery from The String Zone was Fantastic.

Cons: I only play for fun, and not very often. I do not have a Teacher. I have taught myself through books and the internet. I found that when I first fitted the strings on, I had to be VERY CAREFUL, with my bowing. They just felt so different on the Violin. But the only other strings I had used before, were Dominants. So compared to Dominant Strings, Vision strings are harder to play on at first. I did get used to them, but because I do not play often, I have since brought a set of Daddario Prelude Violin Strings. Those strings seem to be more suitable for myself, and my Violin.

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15/05/2014 17:32
Desborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

set for 5 string fiddle

Pros: Good set for my new 5 string fiddle - wonderful growly tone on the bottom c. Reasonable price excellent service and fast delivery as always.

Cons: Top end (e) quite weak but I suspect this is a problem with the fiddle rather than the strings

Other: Doesn't seem to be many sets with a matching c string but will happily continue using this make

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