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Viva la Musica Diamond Viola Shoulder Rest

Viva La Musica

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Ergonomically design for maximum playing comfort.

Wooden bar with foam rubber padding. For all violas 15" and up. Unique swivelling leg brackets allows the the bar of the rest to be set lower on the instrument than other rests without increasing the risk of the rest falling off.

Product specifications

  • 360 degree rotation of the feet ensures a precise fit for all players.
  • Folding, gold finished flexible metal feet, adjustable for height.
  • Solid maple frame with thick foam padding.
  • Made in EU
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

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Ross Cohen
04/02/2014 20:30
Cardiff, United Kingdom


High quality shoulder rest by Viva la Musica
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Pros: Well made and attractive. Also allows freedom of movement for the player which more ergonomic rests tend to inhibit.

Cons: The rubber padding will wear out, but it is possible to replace it with the help of some rubber, scissors, and glue.

Other: This site had the best price for this model.

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24/08/2013 10:16
Didcot, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent customer service, speedy postal service.
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Pros: Looks and feels fantastic. Solid materials, and elegant styling combination.

Cons: Only one choice of colour of wood, which may not work for certain instruments.

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24/08/2016 09:27
Crediton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Vibrato now it seems possible!

Pros: I have been looking for a supportive shoulder rest for years. This was recommended to me by my section leader and I am very pleased with it. I have always had trouble with vibrato, and now it seems possible!

Cons: Nothing

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04/05/2016 14:36
Reading, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Playing with comfort at last!

Pros: Beautiful to look at; very lightweight; very adjustable; doesn't affect the sound at all; stays firmly attached to my viola; so much more comfortable to play now!

Cons: Nothing

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