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WARCHAL Brilliant Cello String, D

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Synthetic core

All strings are ball end, full size, medium tension unless specified.

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08/03/2014 16:56
Shropshire, United Kingdom


A pliant, resonant D string that speaks easily.
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Pros: I am very pleased with the D string. It is very soft and pliable under the bow and next to the A string they are reminiscent of playing on Eudoxa and gut again, but they are much more powerful and speak exceptionally easily. Thumb position is much easier because they have so much give in them, it is easier to press the string down.

Cons: Because the strings are so stretchy, it takes a few days for the tuning to settle down and I am tuning much more from the pegs

Other: The D string is quite a thick string and it has a lot of texture when bowed. I prefer that in a string, rather than the thinner, metallic ones. Both Evah Pirazzi and Warchal D strings work well on my cello. Warchal, again, like the A string, speaks immediately.

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