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Coda Diamond NX Violin Bow


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We are the UK's premier supplier of Coda bows. The entry bow in the Diamond series offers advancing players a performance bow at a realistic price.

The Diamond NX is our best selling bow. It combines quality, playability and affordabilty to produce a bow suitable for players of all abilities.

This bow is available on approval. For details click here

Unless stated otherwise all our bows are supplied with a starter coat of premium quality William Salchow rosin. Good, fresh rosin is essential to obtain the best performance from any bow.

Weight given is for a typical example and is for guidance only. Please contact us if you require the exact weight of a particular bow.

Product specifications:

  • Blended Kevlar acoustic core
  • Graphite Diamond weave stick with brown tint.
  • Traditional design frog in engineered Xebony by Walter Paulus, Germany.
  • Nickel silver inlay Coda logo, Nickel silver fittings and Pearl slide.
  • Sterling silver wire lapping with Moroccan goatskin thumb grip.
  • Traditionally haired with finest hair. Rehair in the normal manner.
  • Individually serial numbered, 10 year limited warranty through online registration.
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 18
BlankBlank 1
06/02/2011 15:05
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent Bow from Coda
21 out of 22 found the following review helpful

Pros: Beautifully finished. Nice detailing. Good looking. Good weight, balance, and feel. Precise tensioning. Quality hair. Quite nimble handling. A similarly performing wooden bow would cost much more. It certainly has improved my playing. Recommended.

Cons: Nothing

Other: 10 year warranty and good support from CodaBow.

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18/02/2011 19:57
Camborne, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great bow for the money, and very diverse.
11 out of 12 found the following review helpful

Pros: Lovely quality bow, everything about it feels precision engineered. Great balance, agility and tone. Very diverse bow, I've used it to play classical and folk music in small groups to big orchestras and has fitted in well with each.

Cons: No snags so far!

Other: Codabow's warranty gives added comfort and is very reassuring.

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24/03/2011 15:40
Highbridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Diamonds can be a Violinists best Friends..?
10 out of 13 found the following review helpful

Pros: I was delighted with the first Diamond NX that I bought last year.... I did a blind test to sselect it from theree other bows. It just felt so balanced and "right"... and my playing has improved over the past year of using it. I have two very fine violins. One bought last year which I bought the last year's bow for, and another different tone, and temperament, violin which I have had for several years. The last years new Diamond NX was to use with the "new" violin... resut satisfaction. but... I like playing the other violin too... so I tried the Diamond NX with that on several occasions instead of the ordinary bow I usually use with it. Result... improvment on that instrument too. So, just a few weeks ago I decided to invest in a ssecond Diamond NX for the other violin.. and that new bow is as good as the original one. One cannot tell the difference between the two when playing. They both perform brilliantly. Result... one happy customer. Thank you String Zone...!

Cons: Nothing really not liked... oh, one hair on the second bow broke on first using it. the first bow has had nearly a year's use and no broken hairs at all....

Other: Coda Bows,seem very good value.... I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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Mr De Souza
01/03/2012 09:34
Croydon, United Kingdom


Coda Diamond NX violin bow
8 out of 10 found the following review helpful

Pros: I had previously bought a Coda Conservatory bow for my older son and was impressed by it, for use on his violin from Cremona. Unfortunately I did not know when he was completing his Grade 8 exam as he needed a better bow like the Coda Diamond NX. The Diamond NX has been bought for my younger son to use with his Cremona violin. His playing has just got much much better. His violin teacher is very impressed. His teacher says he is now well on course to achieve a distinction at Grade 8.

Cons: Nothing to note here.

Other: We have recorded the music played on the Cremona violins ( now 4 years old) and sent it to our Luthier in Cremona. He is thrilled with the improvement in the sounds using the Coda Diamond NX bow.

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12/06/2013 12:23
midlands, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

classy workhorse to improve playing
4 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: nice weight. good comfortable feel from the moment you pick it up. you can feel that it is well constructed eg the way the screw n the frog turns so effortlessly. don't know why but it makes you feel less anxious in that you know you have a bow of quality so if you play badly it's you, not the bow

Cons: at first i thought oh no ! the bow i bought from ebay for 30 quid is better but this was not the case and getting used to it i realised what a really good bow it is. this took about 30 minutes to be honest

Other: i realised i had a number of bows which were good but not that good. this is a great bow especially for the price. i could have bought it cheaper from a firm in canada but i have always had excellent service from the string zone and it was the case with the bow. i have not heard a negative comment about this bow from reading reviews or from players. i also use this with an electric violin.

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20/07/2011 21:02
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great value for money.
5 out of 7 found the following review helpful

Pros: Nice weight and balance - easy to draw, easy to push.

Cons: No negatives at my level of skill.

Other: Great value for money. Every student should have one.

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14/07/2015 08:52
Nottingham, United Kingdom


Buy it
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: As an upgrade from the cheap bow which came with my violin outfit it's a massive contrast. Lighter and with much better balance and agility both on and off the string, it almost immediately led to me producing a much better sound with far better bow control and almost eliminated my issues with bow bouncing overnight. The bow was a suggestion from my teacher, who has a Coda Bow Diamond GX, and I can't say that I feel mine is lacking in comparison even given the price difference. This may be to do with my skill level, but my teacher admits that she finds the difference quite subtle. The carbon fibre weave within the bow is also absolutely gorgeous. I play outside a lot (my primary use for the violin is to play for morris dancers) and the bow's not exhibited the slightest change in feel in a variety of weather conditions - unlike the violin itself.

Cons: I can't criticise it with anything that might not be just a function of my lack of experience. The bow did take a couple of days to play in and be properly rosined, but that's to be expected with new hair on any bow.

Other: Any serious learner considering a bow upgrade should consider this bow. It's helped me improve my playing substantially, and my teacher agrees that it's probably good enough for her professional work so it may well last me as long as I play.

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31/05/2014 21:21
Usk, United Kingdom


A great option.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Reasonably priced for a good quality bow. Does everything that you need it to do for grade 8+. Great for good pupils that are still at school as it is more sturdy than a wooden stick. Not too heavy but with a very clear sound.

Cons: Nothing as yet.

Other: Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a bow to take them up to college standard. It responds well and makes a very good, clear sound.

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13/03/2017 20:01
Suitton in Ashfield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The outstanding Coda Diamond NX bow.

Pros: The Diamond NX looks beautiful and the build quality is excellent. It's very well balanced and comfortable. I would recommend this bow.

Cons: Nothing to dislike.

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04/10/2016 14:50
Desborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

excellent boiw for the price

Pros: Produced a very nice tone, responsive and easy to use. Tried 3 bows and this one stood out; we recorded me playing all three and when asked my (guitarist) husband immediately picked the Coda - I had already decided it was my choice. Gives a lovely warmth and depth to slow airs, manoeuvrable for fast jigs and reels. Excellent service from Stingzone as usual.

Cons: Registration number being under the frog!! Had never removed the frog before so was a bit anxious but managed it easily. Don't know why they need to put it there.

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