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Wittner Chinrest, Centre Mounted


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Lightweight plastic (allergy tested) chinrest by Wittner. Centre mount. 25mm high at centre

Product specifications:

  • Centre mount (over tail piece)
  • Allergy tested anatomic design.
  • Plastic brackets
  • Screwdriver included
  • Made in Germany
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
BlankBlank 8
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14/12/2012 18:33
Hindhead, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Chinrest that enhances playing confidence
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: As per previous posts, I have recently taken up the viola again after a 30-year absence and have been quietly re-visiting various accessories, now realising I was "fighting" my student instrument. (Why does no-one seem to spend an entire early lesson simply ensuring the new playing has the right shoulder and chinrests to hold the viola in an optimum position?!_ My existing chinrest was contoured in such a way that whenever I moved my head slightly forward it levered the viola towards me. I bought the Wittner on the strength of reviews on the stringzone and it indeed helps me hold a 100% comfortable and stable position, and I would also agree that my viola might even resonate slightly better. Since acquiring the Wittner I have in fact bought another, larger, viola and the chinrest already on it suits me well, so for the time being I am unlikely to transfer the Wittner to it. The Wittner looks quite good, and does not immediately appear synthetic to the naked eye, except when very close-up

Cons: It did make me perspire and start to slip about after 25-30 mins - natural wood does not - obviously you can wipe things dry, though still a bit tedious. That is why I am leaving it on the "old" instrument for now. For that reason only I am giving it a 4 rather than 5 out of 5.

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12/03/2016 19:16
Oban, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Comfortable if a little small.

Pros: Comfortable and does not press on the tail piece.

Cons: A little smaller than I expected but does the job.

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18/12/2015 19:54
Ledbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Meets all expectations

Pros: Good range of adjustment; gives me a feeling of security; does not become detached whilst playing. Excellent

Cons: Nothing

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02/12/2015 16:45
Hindhead, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Centre-mounting - a breakthrough!

Pros: I already have a side-mounted Wittner and reviewed it favourably on these pages three years ago, having just taken up string playing again after a break of decades. Three years on, I am playing in local ensembles and orchestras etc. As this involves several hours at a stretch, I've been getting a little tired and so revisited my chin/shoulder rest arrangements, Suffice to say the centre-mounted Wittner is a revelation and I wish I had thought of it sooner. Really pleased.

Cons: As with the side-mounted version, being synthetic the Wittner can make you a bit sweaty. Also, there was no clearance over the tailpiece - which I had half-anticipated - and unlike a wooden chinrest, you cant create a gap with judicious sand-papering of the underside. For now I have cut small soft leather pads to lift the feet. This has given sufficient clearance and there is no vibration or other interference. At some point I will ask a luthier to do a proper neat job. My teacher says my tailpiece and bridge are a tad high, which may account for the clearance issue, though I am reluctance to interfere with these aspects as my instrument was previously owned by a professional orchestral player and had been expertly set up. The Wittner is quite a shallow shape. This wont suit some people. I have a fleshy sort of face, so it suits me.

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03/11/2014 18:43
Bourne, United Kingdom


good product, very useful for the young

Pros: The centre mounted chinrest has made it more comfortable for my 6 year old grandson to hold his violin correctly. The product is well made and totally fit for purpose.

Cons: Nothing

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16/05/2013 21:20
Essex, United Kingdom


1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Excellent

Cons: Nothing

Other: Finally a comfortable rest

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09/02/2012 17:23
London, United Kingdom


Light and well-designed product.

Pros: Very light and well designed. Allowed the instrument to resonate more fully. Excellent product.

Cons: none

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14/07/2015 11:33
athboy, Ireland

Keen Amateur

excellent piece but not for me
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: very well made and easy to put on the fiddle.

Cons: I tried it but I prefer the hold of the old fashioned chin rest.

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14/01/2015 11:28
Christchurch, United Kingdom


It is certainly fit for purpose.
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Comfortable surface

Cons: Not the shape I was expecting from a centre mounted chinrest. Also not easily height adjustable

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24/09/2013 16:53
HORNSEY, United Kingdom


very pleased
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: This was recommended by my daughter's violin teacher. It helps to bring the instrument up to the chin. My daughter is really pleased with it, she came home from orchestra practice last week,saying that it had really helped her playing.

Cons: nothing

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