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Carlsson Dark Bass rosin

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Carlsson Dark Bass rosin. Very popular and high quality bass rosin suitable for all types of playing read more...

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Nyman Bass Rosin

4.8 from 5 reviews
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Nyman bass rosin is widely considered, in the UK, as the best double bass rosin, it’s perfect rosin for bass players of all levels. Produced for many generations in ... read more...

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Pops Bass Rosin

4.4 from 12 reviews
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Quality bass rosin. Light

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Jade L'Opera Double Bass SOLO Rosin

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Professional grade Bass Rosin. Jade L'Opera Solo is an all weather rosin suitable for all bass bows. Low dust formula .Made in France read more...

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Kolstein Ultra Rosin

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Professional quality rosin range for all instruments.

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Yumba Bee Line Bass Rosin

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Yumba rosins are manufactured using ingredients derived from vegetable origin, which help keep the bow hair intact as well as cleaner from any tint. This variety of r... read more...

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Yumba Tango Extra Soft Bass Rosin

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This rosin is formulated with high quality ingredients. It combines beeswax with rosin from India and the best quality Argentine rosin. This ultra-soft and sticky ros... read more...

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Larica Liebenzeller Metal Rosin

4.6 from 32 reviews

Premier quality hand made rosin. The finest rosin money can buy. Made in Germany using pure Larch resin with added metals, this rosin allows instruments to sound warm... read more...

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Pirastro Schwarz Rosin

4.9 from 9 reviews
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Pirastro Black rosin. A good quality rosin for those who prefer black rosin. Suitable for all strings including bass. read more...

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