Bow Rehair Services

Violin, Viola and Cello Bow Rehair and Repair Service

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If you live in a remote area or have difficulty finding a good rehair we have the solution. We can rehair your bow to the highest standard with top quality white hai... read more...

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Bow Mailing Tube

99+ in stock

Specially made for us these tubes are much stronger than those normally obtainable. As used by us to mail bows and extremely strong Heavy duty cardboard mailing tub... read more...

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Bow Hair Hank

A prepared hank of high quality natural white horsehair for a single rehair. Appropriate tools and skills required for use of this product. read more...

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Bow approval service

Looking for a new bow? Try up to four bows from our extensive range for 7 days in the comfort of your own home.
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