Pirastro E strings

Special E's to customize your sound

Pirastro Universal No.1 Violin String, E

4.5 from 41 reviews

Specialist E string by Pirastro. Steel with fine chromesteel winding to reduce 'whistling'. Designed to match Violino, Chromcor, Tonica, Oliv, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi,... read more...

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Pirastro Wondertone Solo Violin String, E

4.6 from 23 reviews

The Advanced Steel E string consists of a new material that improves significantly the playability and the sound of E strings. The Wondertone Solo E has an outstandi... read more...

RRP £6.01 our price from £4.74 You save 21%

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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String E, Platinum

4 from 4 reviews

Benchmark Pirastro E string. Removable ball end. Higher tension than standard E. The new Platinum-E provides the violinist with an immense abundance of sound colours... read more...

RRP £18.12 our price £13.21 You save 27%

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